blocked drains Dubbo


Blockage Specialist

Nudge's Plumbing is the blocked drain specialist. Servicing Dubbo and the surrounding areas, we provide efficient and timely drain inspections and clearing.

Assisting both residential and commercial clients, we use the latest in drain clearing technologies to get the job done quicker. We work with a CCTV sewer and drain camera which allows us to identify exactly what is causing your drainage issues. By using this, we get to the problem quicker and repair it sooner.

When it comes to clearing drains, Nudge's Plumbing uses a state-of-the-art high-pressure water jetter to clean and break through waste or blockages causing your drainage problem. Whether it's a standard blocked drain, sewer drain or storm water drain - we've got the tools and skills for the job.

Located in Dubbo, our service areas include Cobar, Wellington, Nyngan, Bourke, Lightning Ridge and Narromine.

Don't waste your time trying to clear your blocked drain yourself - call in a professional who can get to the core of the problem and fix it effectively and promptly. Get in contact with Nudge's Plumbing today to set up your drain inspection.

Why You Need a Professional for Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be a pretty big deal if you don’t have them taken care of right away. This is usually a job that’s better left to the professionals, which is why you should always call Nudge’s Plumbing if your drains are blocked in Dubbo.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t try to remedy the problem on your own and knowing what they are is important for ensuring that you always have a functioning plumbing system.

Plumbing Tools

It can be tempting to pour a store-bought drain clearing product down your drain, but the truth is that they aren’t as strong as our professional products and may not work as well. At the same time, some of them can actually make the problem worse by damaging your pipes and affect your family's health.

We can use professional tools, such as snakes with cameras on them and professional grade water jets to effectively clear an entire blockage instead of simply fixing the problem for a short amount of time before it comes back and you have to start at square one.

Plumber Expertise

If you don’t know what’s blocking your drain, trying to clear it yourself is risky. And different blockages require different treatment approaches. We can assess the problem and decide on the best course of action.

A blocked drain can also indicate another problem, such as an issue in the main sewer line.

It’s always best to leave blocked drains in Dubbo to the professionals so give us a call here at Nudge’s Plumbing if you need help!