Rainwater tank


Installation & Repairs in Dubbo

At Nudge's Plumbing, we provide repairs and maintenance work to water tank installations in Dubbo and the surrounding areas.

Rain water tanks are a worthwhile investment for many home owners - they'll reduce your water bills and ensure you do your bit for the environment. When water restrictions are in place, rain water tanks are extremely handy when it comes to watering your lawn and garden, washing the car or topping up the pool.

At Nudge's Plumbing, we work with top rain water tank brands, so you can feel confident you're getting a tank that will go the distance. If you're unsure what tank would best suit your needs and property, ask our rain water tank experts. Nigel at Nudge's Plumbing is a specialist when it comes to rain water tanks, helping you make the right choice on the best system, size and brand of tank.

If you already have a tank installed, we also provide prompt and affordable repairs and maintenance. Whether your tank is leaking, or you suspect there could be an issue with the connection to your toilets and washing machine - we're the experts for the job.

For more information on our rain water tank range, maintenance and repairs or to organise a quote - get in contact today.