When you think of aesthetic features in your garden, you wouldn’t consider a rainwater tank as something that improves the look of your outside space. However, sometimes practicality outweighs the look and there are some very good reasons to have a rainwater tank in your garden. 

As well as supplying tanks, Nudge’s Plumbing are happy to explain the benefits of collecting rainwater and storing it for later use. Obviously, collecting water to counteract shortages is the reason many people choose these tanks, but there are some other reasons why investing on one of them can be a good idea. 

Controls Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a problem for various reasons, including changing the landscape around you and harming plant and animal habitats nearby. Collecting rainwater helps counteract that issue and helps preserve the topsoil where you live. This ensures that it’s in good shape for gardening and landscaping purposes and keeps you from having to bring in additional soil for your outdoor space. 

Replenishes Ground Water

Ground water is important for maintaining the level of the water table and it being able to nourish and hydrate the plants and animals in the area. Harvesting rainwater in your tank enables you to spread that water where it’s most needed. It’s a good idea for your own outdoor space, but also offers the opportunity to assist others in your community when water supplies are low. 

Reduces Energy Usage

The amount of energy used to pump water to homes is huge and relies heavily on fossil fuels in many parts of the world. By collecting rainwater, you can use it around your home, reducing the need to have as much pumped. This saves energy for your community and lessens the usage of fossil fuels. If more houses in the community add a rainwater tank to their property, there could be a reduction in energy usage, which is good for protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint. 

Lowers Your Water Bills

While there are a variety of community wide benefits that you can take advantage of with a tank, saving money is a personal perk that you’ll love. By harvesting rainwater and using it to water outdoor plants, clean, and do other chores, you reduce the amount of water you need to get from your taps, which results in reduced water usage and a lower water bill. 

Here at Nudge’s Plumbing, we can help you find the ideal rainwater tank for your garden and help you keep it maintained and well taken care of. Call us today and we’ll be happy to describe the tanks we offer.

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