Are you having trouble with a blocked drain and want to make sure that you can clear it properly before water starts seeping back into the house?

You might be tempted to call Nudge's Plumbing and ask them to get rid of your blockage, but before you give us a ring, it might be worth just trying a few small DIY attempts.

Unblocking your drain quickly will mean that you can use your sinks comfortably rather than having our plumbers come to your door. 

Assess the damage

Before you make any attempt to clear the drain, you should assess the problem, and try to work out what sort of effort is needed to clear the drain.

You might only have a slow-emptying drain, which means that you can make use of tools around the house to remove the dirt. For larger blockers, you will need specialist pieces of equipment. 

Unblock with household supplies

You might be surprised at the number of things around your home which can be used to unblock a drain.

Water, vinegar and a spoonful of baking soda can be very effective at clearing pipes. You could also use lemon, since all the baking soda needs is an acid to start the process off.

Pour a kettle of boiling water down the blocked drain, and then add the baking soda. Next, add the vinegar and another splash of hot water.

After 10 minutes, flush again with hot water. 

Use chemical cleaners

If you have had some success with home chemicals, you may decide to try chemical cleaners before you call in Nudge's Plumbing.

There are a number of popular liquid cleaners on the market designed to be used with blocked or slow-draining pipes.

You can expect to use an entire bottle in one go to get rid of the clog. 

Use powerful powders

A final option is to buy stronger cleaners in the form of powders. These don't need to sit in the drain for very long, and can be combined with hot water for extra cleaning power. 

Get in the plumbers

If you have not been able to clear your blocked drains, then you need the help of experts like Nudge's Plumbing.

We can sort out your problem quickly, so when DIY attempts fail, call us or use our online form now. 

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